XV Racing Products 3-Point Retractable Belt-Bucket Seats- Black

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XV Racing Products is now offering a retractable three point seat belt solutions for classic Mopar muscle cars which will likely work on other non-Mopar vehicles as well.


With these belt setups you’ll be able to upgrade the safety of your ride using the same belts we use on our XV custom built cars. We’re also offering matching lap belts for the rear seats.


One of the key features of this product is that it correctly positions the shoulder belt over your shoulder and chest using a fixed drop. Without this feature the belt gets positioned across your neck, whereas ours will put it in the correct location using the factory shoulder belt mounting point over the door *.


Our belts feature:


  • Locking Retractor, which allow freedom of movement but then lock automatically when needed
  • Built in drop length to correctly position belt across your chest
  • Push button release with custom XV logo
  • Bolts in directly in minutes with no drilling required.
  • Available only in black
  • Designed to work with bucket seat applications


These belts will bolt in directly to Mopar B, E and A body cars that have a provision for a shoulder belt.


NOTE: These belts are not designed for use in convertibles.


* For cars that were not originally equipped with shoulder belts there is likely no anchor point over the door and one would need to be added, which must be done by a qualified professional. Failure to mount this location correctly could result in failure of the belt to operate in an accident and could cause injury or death.


Please look at the detailed pictures attached. All fully installed pictures show the seat pushed all the way back. The applications shown are one’s we have verified for fitment.


To clear the 69 Dart bucket seats we had to remove the handle on the seat back tilt lever – see photo showing before and after. Please be sure to remove the handle with seats like this.


On the E-Body (as in the Challenger pictures) the cars come with the retractor under the carpet. Installation requires some playing with the carpet and making a new hole in the carpet as the new mechanism mounts over the carpet, not under.


Pricing on this product is per belt.

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