About Us

XV Racing Products LLC is owned and operated by Chris Reinhardt.

Chris Reinhardt:

  • Certified Welder, Machinist, Fabricator
  • Racecar Driver, Tuner, Builder
  • Telemetry, Data Acquisition Technician
  • Life Long Mopar Enthusiast
 "My first car was a 1969, 383, 4 speed Road Runner my dad bought me for $250.  It was clipped in the right front, I was 15 at the time.  My second car was a 1970 Road Runner, 440, 4 Speed Pistol Grip, Air Grabber.  My third car was 1975, Dodge Dart Sport, so Mopar runs deep in my veins, and you never forget your first love."


 Chris is a former employee of XV Motorsports. With his time there he worked on product development, fabrication, and assembly.  He refined, simplified and improved the already proven product line.

Chris continues to refine and build quality classic Mopar Restomod suspension systems and accessories...